Monday, 2 February 2015

3 Great Blogs You Should Follow In 2015

I really want to make this article a very short one. Out of the blogs I followed last year, these 3 stood out... They really changed the way I see things and I thought it wise to share them here.

Here they are (in no order whatsoever) and what I love about them:

Seth Godin: I learnt a lot about how the process of doing things is the most important thing from this man. He shares marketing and business ideas and how ideas can be spread effectively. Seth Godin
Seth Godin
His articles are the shortest I've ever seen in the world but the content is crazily helpful. I have read two out his many books out there and I loved them.: Idea Virus, Linchpin.... Check out his blog here:

A Learning A Day: I actually got a link to this blog from seth's blog. Rohan shares his story and picks out lessons from them.A Learning A Day
He is good. He makes mistakes and not afraid to admit to these mistakes. His articles are pretty long most times but they are worth your time. You should check the blog out -

Ofili Speaks: I must confess, I have been following this guys blog for over 3 years now and he has improved a lot. I love the way he writes and he is super creative.
Okechukwu Ofili
The way he uses sarcasm to deliver his messages is phenomenal. You should check him out - Ofili Speaks

FINAL NOTE: One mutual trait I discovered in these guys is that they are consistent and not afraid to make shit happen.

PS: I'd love to follow more blogs this year. You may share your blog link and other blogs you think are worth checking out.

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