Friday, 20 February 2015

What Story Is Your Idea Telling People?

We are past that stage where you can come up with a "shitty" idea and spice it up with ads and force it on people. People/ the market is becoming more wise everyday because of the unlimited opportunities flying around.

One of the challenges I came accross in my first start up was getting people to buy into the idea. It was very difficult because the idea was rigid and doesn't have a great story it tells people. So the biz crashed before a year after all.

Don't just assume your idea is great and that all you have to do is market it to people. Marketing doesn't work that way anymore. That kind of marketing is dead (and may its soul rest in peace). The real marketing starts with the idea itself. Ask your self the following questions before you start designing a business model or marketing campaign for your idea:

* Is This Idea Worth Sharing
* What Story Is This Idea Telling That Will Resonates With My Target Market (People that really Matters)-

If your the answer to the first question is NO, that idea is not worth spending a dollar on, Move on.

But if the idea is worth sharing, you need to now invest more time figuring how to create a platform where it can be spread easily- by creating a story that your market (doesn't have to be everybody) can relate to and are willing to tell their friends and enemies.

It is when you have solved this that you can move on to the next level.

Take a look at these brands Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fiverr, Toyota. They didn't force themselves on us through ads. Instead they created and shared stories that we resonate with....

Your idea is shit if it doesn't tell a great story... Don't waste another second on that idea and move on.

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