Friday, 8 May 2015

How Did We Get Here?

When I was much younger, everything seemed magical, I embraced fear; in fact it was my best companion, after food of course. I danced in the rain, I believed in Santa Claus Father Christmas- How the guy was able to reach all the kids was a mystery. I just knew he always turned up. I'd beg my dad to help me put my broken tooth on the roof sheets where the tooth fairy will see it easily anytime he came visiting.

I also remember wanting to be a doctor because I loved the way they looked and an Engineer and an Accountant and a  Politician Priest. I also wanted to travel to hell space... I wanted to be everything. I believed I could be anything and everything.

I was already having sex making magic with crayons before I even got to third grade. School was fun, crazy fun. I made a lot of mistakes and got away with them.

I had dreams, I wanted to be the richest man in the country, married to a beautiful wife by the time I turned 25.

Flash forwards to this date. I'm few years shy from turning 30 and I'm nowhere close to becoming the richest man in my state, let off the Country. And a beautiful wife? I have not really been lucky with women....

I studied Chemical Engineering in one of the worst colleges in the country and I have got a job with a radio station. I have two blogs and two startups I'm working on (don't let me go deep on that one) and I earn stipends from speaking engagements and I also have Teens I teach self development and business on weekends (when I have the time).

This was not the "future me" I envisioned when I was 5 years old.

Life happened.

There are two ways to look at these; the first is to reflect on your past and commit suicide live in regrets for the rest of life. The second thing to do (which I did and still do) is to reflect on your past, embrace it and ask "how did we get here?

"How we did we get here?" is a powerful question that helps you reflect on where you have been, mistakes you have made, what your passions are, how you have affected the world positively and negatively, people you have killed and saved mentally, what ways you have survived and lived life....

This was the question I asked myself couple of years ago, and it has helped me figure out what I really want out of life. Four years ago, my life was a lot worse than it is now, I was living a disjointed and confused life. I was scared to take a leap or make mistakes. I never knew what I wanted.

But over the years, I have reflected on my past, asked the "How did we get here" question and I have learnt to pursue my passion, I know what I really (stressing the R-E-A-L-L-Y) want out of life and I am working towards them

I am no longer scared of failure or mistakes. I have re ignited my passion for magic... I learn new things everyday and I feel younger each day. I might not be able to dance in the rain (if I want any girl to take me seriously) but I have fun and LIVE life as opposed to surviving it.

In conclusion, things might not work out the way we plan but that doesn't mean we should commit suicide over it or live in regrets. My favorite quote about life is "Welcome to a world where shit happens... All the time". So just take a time out to reflect on your pasts and do better for yourself.

The most important thing is to feel that magic you had when you were 5 years old, that feeling that anything is possible. That feeling where you are not scared of making mistakes... Then go out and make magic with your life.

Book I am reading at the moment: Be The Elephant: Build a bigger, better business - Steve Kaplan

Song that has been driving crazy this past week: Bad Girl Special - Mr 2kay feat Patoranking

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