Friday, 14 August 2015

A Message From A Friend That Inspires The Shit Out Of Me #365DaysGratitudeProject

So this evening while I was battling with cold, I stumbled on this fb post that a friend sent to me on my birthday. How I missed this wonderful post, I do not know. But I stumbled on it at the right time. Here goes the fb post from my awesome friend Onyeka Chigozie:

Shoutout to one of the most enterprising young minds, i have come across...
You are indeed a fighter, one of resolute character and at times... can also b a clown..Lol..!
Im glad i know you...
Im glad i met you...
I therefore pray, that everything that pertaineth to you be perfected.
May you continue to soar on the wings of eagles
May doors of opportunities be continually set before you, even as God grants you eyes to see them and the strenght nd wisdom to take advantage of them.
God bless you bro..
Love you so much!

Messages like this reminds me to keep doing what I do. It reminds me to keep creating work that matters. It reminds me that you can impact lives positively with what you do.


I want to show gratitude for having friends like this- that believes in your dreams and won't stop encouraging you in this dog-eat-dog-world where there is no support system for people creating work that matters.

PS: I won't forget those days when you fed me when I was hungry and even loaned me money when I was broke without a dime. I love you Onyeka. Remain awesome and keep creating work that matters.

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