Thursday, 1 May 2014

When Creativity Becomes Stupidity

Think Outside the box? What if there is no box....What am I going to do?

My first start-up crashed not because my idea wasn’t great but because I was “over-creative”. Huh? *inserts crazy look* but how is that possible? The crazy truth is that most entrepreneurs want to create this wtf amazing business that nobody has ever seen before. So in a bid to create this “thing” they become “over-creative”. They go beyond crazy (which is a good thing) to stupid (which is stupid).

Once you have that crazy idea. Research and see if there is anyone out there doing something similar. Copy their business model (in as much as it is working), use it and tweak it a bit- that is creativity.

Unless your idea requires you to design a different model, you’d end up creating more problems instead of providing solutions-and that’s stupid.

 Most times you don’t need to create something new. All you need to do is alter the existing business model a bit hence creating your own USP (Unique selling point).

There is nothing wrong in stealing copying biz models but you must run your own business differently; in your own creatively-unique way.

Everybody copied something from someone so don’t be pressured into creating something out of this planet. Look at Facebook and twitter and even LinkedIn, they all copied one or two things from each other, yet they are different in their own way.

 One percent different is 100% original.

Crazy is good but Stupid is Stupid.

Sadiq Daniel is a Stupid crazy entrepreneur that blogs on business, Self- development and his country’s bullshit. He is currently working on his latest book: Everyone Thinks I’m Crazy, Slated to be out by February 2015. You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks BB: 27621DB4 and Email: for more crazy tips.