Monday, 10 November 2014

That Ade's Story That Drove Me Crazy

I wasn't born crazy and neither did my craziness come out of the blue. So many things brought out the craziness in me. But there is one story that actually played a major role in kick-starting the craziness in me.

It is the Ade story. The story that showed me things even my professors in school couldn't.

I'm not really good at stories, but I'd give this my best shot.

Ade was born in the early 80's. His parents were ecstatic because they finally had a son after 8 years of trying so hard.

Ade's parents were civil servants, struggling to make ends meet. But they vowed to send their only son to school-Hoping that he'd get a better job and live a better life than they were living.

Ade parents really struggled. There were times where they had to go days without food, All these because they wanted the best for Ade.

Ade didn't disappoint his parents. He came out tops across all levels. He even got a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at one of the best schools in the country.

The future was looking very bright for Ade. And Ade's parents couldn't wait to get Return on their investment.

Ade graduated summa cum laude from the university. It didn't take long before companies started knocking on his door.

Ade got the job of his dream. Bought a big house for his parents, he repaid them the way he could. He got married to a beautiful wife and had beautiful children.

Ade did some professional courses which he aced, got an Things seems to be going smoothly for Ade

Ade was promoted to Managing director after working for 30 years in the company. There were a lot of benefits that came with the title....

He put some his money in some 401k investments.

So when Ade turned 65 he retired. He and his wife toured some part of the world and when he turned 80. He died.

At first I actually thought Ade lived a perfect life. At least he got a great job, had more than enough money to take care of his immediate and extended family and even had enough time to tour some parts of the world.

But I was made to realize that life is not meant to be like that. Life is beyond getting a great job or having all the money in the world.

Life is all about contributing your quota, being selfless, making a positive difference in the world we live.

There are so many "Ade's" out there. Some are even worse. After graduating from the university, they pursue a second degree in order to better their chances of getting a great "job". Then they work so hard to keep that job that they don't even have time for their family. Then they die. And their children recycle the process.

Do not be brainwashed into thinking this is the best way to live our lives.

Do not be scared to change the status quo. People will see you as crazy but being crazy and making a positive difference is better than "normal"

Changing the status quo is not sexy, in fact it is the most difficult thing to do. But it is something we all have to do.

Changing the status quo involves innovation and creativity. Every one of us is born creative. You just have to search deep for it and activate that creativity...

Create things; make your own shit even if it is not sexy enough.

Stop living a programmed life... Go out and Do Crazy things that you'd be remembered for when you are no longer around.

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