Friday, 10 April 2015

Someone Should Please Tell Our Girlfriends That The "Bottom-Power" No longer Works

Disclaimer: This article could make your girlfriend break up with you because she might realize you have nothing to offer her. So try your possible best not to let her read this article... Don't say I didn't warn you.

First and foremost I'm not an expert in relationships- I don't really have luck with women. I have prayed, fasted and I think I've gotten to that point where I'd fall asleep and God will show me the "one' in my dreams but he hasn't. I know I am not Michael De Angelo (the relationship guru) but I know the truth about relationships and since this blog is all about sharing ideas that challenges the status -quo in almost everything, I thought it will be nice to share something that challenges the status-quo in relationships.

I'd be discussing  the "bottom-power and why it no longer works.

What Is This "Bottom-Power"?
OK I don't really have an Oxford-dictionary type of definition for it but I'd try explain what it means; Bottom-Power is mostly exhibited by women-single/married. It is the power they exhibit to earn respect when their spouse is trying to have sexual intercourse with them. A typical example of a "bottom-power" is when a woman/lady ask her spouse for something important right before sexual intercourse. At this point she is in charge and most times the spouse doesn't have any choice than to succumb to their requests. The Bottom-Power is also that period when the spouse is ready to do anything they want just to make something happens in bed.

Oh I forgot to add that this article is rated 18+ So if you are below 18, kindly format all that you have read and close this article... Thank You.

Women have been using this "bottom-power" right from the days of our fore-fathers. Even Adam fell a victim of it. Our mothers  had no other way to earn respect the respect of their spouses (because things were tough at that time) so they had to use the "bottom-power". And they used it for important things such as our school fees and even that soup we can't do without.

So Why Is The Bottom-Power No Longer Relevant? 
Things have changed. Women are no longer segregated as they were in the last 30 years and there are enough causes that are screaming gender equality. And I expected the whole "Bottom-Power" thing to change but it hasn't. Enough ladies especially educated ones still think that is the only way they can earn the respect of men or their spouse(s). That shit irks me a lot.

The "bottom-power" is cool and powerful, trust me I have been held captive for months by it. But it is not something women should rely on as their only source of respect or influence in a relationship. And it is infact one of  the reason why many relationships and even marriages fail.

I know guys also have their issues, but as a lady if all you have in the relationship is your "bottom-power", then you guys are headed for a disaster.

There is nothing wrong in setting crazy goals for yourself. There is nothing wrong in starting a business without the help of any guy whatsoever. There is nothing wrong in knowing what you really want..... All these things and many others are what makes your spouse respect you in a relationship.

Your "bottom-power" should only be a dessert and not the main dish...... Creating something that matters as a lady is the real "bottom-power".

PS: Pending the time God shows me the "one" any "sesi" lady in the house looking for adventure is free to shoot me an email. (and don't think you can use your "bottom-power" on me... It can't work)

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