Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What do you think about this idea?

ideas that works
... Is a tricky question because it puts the person you are asking on the spot.

It is also a wrong question to ask.

It is a wrong question to ask because when you have this "big-crazy" idea, you are the only one that sees a future in  that idea (until you implement it).

And because people (especially our loved ones) don't understand or see what we see, no matter how hard we explain, they'd come up with reasons as to why the idea won't work.

It is safer for them to tell you it can't work because you won't have to blame them if it doesn't work out eventually. And if you heed their advice, you won't know if it will work or not... So it is a WIN-WIN for them regardless of the outcome.

So instead of asking a group of people if an idea of a car that runs on sand will work, ask them how they'd feel if is a car that runs on sand is available for sale... Ask them if they'd buy the car if you create it.

Asking the wrong questions such as "What do you think about this idea?" "Will this idea work?" Can kill dreams.

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