Saturday, 7 March 2015

#FaraSpeaks: Physique vs Insique

That "beach body" I may never have
Most ladies do worry so (hyper very) much about their shape (and of course looks).... The "Figure 8" gotta be on point... The eye lashes must be inch equal and shaped...The curves, the edges and every other things in-between *winks* just to stay in shape and remain attractive. 

This however, isn't a wrong mindset because their male counterparts are just as crazy about these things, as they are. It is not uncommon to see guys 'doing the lifting, push ups, sit ups road jogs, skipping and sorts of exercises just to stay in shape and be 'attractive'.

I will confess that I am a little bit jealous about the fact that I don't have the 6 packs. And I have made series of attempts- worked out, even prayed and fasted but it appears I am not destined to have a perfect beach body. 
I have even tried all sorts of diets all to no no avail... All I do get is anything but extra skin or muscles (Yuck! do not pity me though).

So lets go back to what I was discussing before I took the left turn.>>>Many people are good with their 'physique' but know nothing about their 'insique' ( Insique has not been invented yet. but for the sake of this article, it means -inner looks). Insique is a magical word I coined to define the looks of your mind. 

If you take care of your physique, you will look healthy, sharp and attractive like athletes and models. But if you don't, you will go to hell  lose it. 

The same thing happens to your 'insique'. In fact you need to pay close attention to your insique. 

If you don't exercise your mind, feed it with the right ideas and thoughts, counsels and discussions like food and drinks at the right time and in the perfect environment, you may grow 'in- sick'

Keep an eye on your physique but always WATCH your 'insique'

This Article was written by Mr Faradara. Faradara is an award winning OAP, Speaker and Writer dedicated to impacting young minds. You may chase him on twitter  @mrfaradara or have sex with him on Facebook   

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