Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hey Business Owners, We Don't Want To Be Your One-Night Stands No More.

There is this *insert new product* that everyone is screaming about- your colleagues at work, your boss, your pastor and even your crazy dog landlord has it. And it seems as if you are missing out or you wont make it to heaven if you don't get this product.

So one morning, you jumped out of bed and went to the nearest store where you can get this product. The product is so "awesome" that they even have special marketing persons assigned to it. These marketing persons are there to answer your questions and force convince you to buy the product.

The following conversation ensues between you and one of the marketing agents

You: So how much is this XYZ?
M.A: Its is just for $750
You: Erm $750! For this small piece of shit? The one I am using is sold for quarter of that and it still works perfectly okay....
M.A: Yes, this one has the latest *insert one crazy tech term*.....
You: *interrupts* So?
M.A: XYZ can predict the future, It can console you when you are depressed... it can get you a better job... it can....
You: Hmm... Ok. I guess it is worth the price then.
M.A: Thank you for purchasing XYZ. You won't regret it.

XYZ predicted the future and did all those things but after couple of weeks, XYZ starts malfunctioning. Then you call the company's customer service for help, a certain lady named Trisha attended to you but all she said was trash- nothing significant to help your situation.

You swear, curse, Pray and fast all to no avail.... 

Most businesses are like this, they are only interested in one-night stands - Their main goal is the initial sale. So they put up crazy ads on blogs, TV, Radio, some even spam interrupt your inbox with crazy and sexy deals just to get your attention. 

Just like pick up artistes, they just have sex with you and leave you hurting. Poor customer service delivery, no after sales support... nothing!

This is a very wrong way to do business and it pains me to see emerging small businesses make use of that "one-night stand" model.

Why have one-night stands when you can build a long-term relationships with your customers. It is a win-win if you must ask me because long-term relationships even results to more sex (sales). In a long term relationship you can try out new styles (introduce new products) with your customers. And they even tend to tell your friends how great you are in bed.

But starting a long term relationship with your customers, unlike one-night stands  involves commitment which means showing up almost all the time. Yes it is hard, but it is definitely worth it.

This resonates with almost everyone (because we are all selling something), especially if you are creating something.  Your customers are not fans and you are not a celebrity, you owe them.

If you just published a "bad ass" book, Don't just be a one-night book stand, You can start a blog for people to see what you are up to or even send in their feed-backs. Try to reply comments, reply emails, return calls.... give back the best way you can. Re-connect with that man that assisted you with your job search.... Always aim to build long-term relationships with your clients and people around you that matters (I know some people can be ass-holes).

The one-night stands might sound like fun but it is just stupid. Even after God created man, he is still interested in a long term relationship with him. If God could do that, I mean.... *drops mic*

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